Nariel Hair Oil by Beliesse Organic Home Spa is a Pre-Cleanse Treatment Oil using Certified Organic Cold pressed & Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Curry Leaves & Fenugreek seeds. 

The BENEFITS Include:

 Nourishes and hydrates the hair from root to tip.
 Excellent to strengthen hair.
 Significantly reduces hair fall.
 Stabilizes oily scalp. 
 Hydrates dry, flaky scalp. 
 Helps cure dandruff & cradle cap.
 Repairs split ends.
 Promotes hair growth in men, women & children. 
 Safe to use on babies above the age of 1.
 Safe to use while pregnant & breastfeeding. 
 Reduces premature greying.
 Excellent for post-partum hair loss. 
 Works great for Male Pattern Baldness. 
 Hair is stronger with added volume & shine.
 Significantly tames frizziness. 
 Hair is much softer & more manageable. 
 100% Organic Oil. 
 100% Vegan Oil. 
 Homemade using the freshest ingredients.
 No chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors or fragrance.

🔺Directions: Use as a Pre-Cleanse Treatment Oil. Comb out your hair prior to application. Apply liberally on Hair & Scalp. Soak for a minimum of 1 hour. Double cleanse with a mild shampoo & style as normal. Best used 3-4 times a week or more to see improved results.

⛔ Each bottle expires 3 months from the time you receive it.

⛔ Can be kept in the fridge. Coconut oil will solidify in cold temperatures. Let it melt a little under the sun or in a warm (not hot) water bowl for 15 minutes before pouring it out.

⛔ Do not cross contaminate by pouring back unused oil back in the bottle.


3 Reviews

Nariel Hair Oil is a miracle oil! I have been using it for 7 months on my fine and limp hair, hair loss reduced tremendously, more volume, darker and manageable! The main point is healthy hair makes me look younger � Thank you, for innovating such a great product!
May 5, 2018 9:51:18 AM

My hair stopped dropping and it’s shinier an healthier
May 4, 2018 3:31:16 PM

Amazing Product!!!
May 3, 2018 6:59:24 PM