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ECOSWEET Stevia Sweetener is the leading natural plant-based sweetener which is one of the only brands in the world which has 99.5% pure stevia, taste as close to sugar and no bitter taste.

You will know what we mean when you try it :)

Benefits of ECOSWEET stevia sweetener
1. Zero Calories (Start enjoying Sweet again but never have the effects of sugar)
2. Zero Glycemic Index (Diabetic Friendly - Does not increase blood sugar levels)
3. It is completely natural, non-toxic and does not cause allergies.
4. It is ideal for all age groups except infants (< 5 years of age) and newborns
5. Manufactured using stringent processes that conform to international standards.
6. It is 99.5% pure stevia extract without the bitter taste vs Other brands at only 97% pure stevia which adds other components to mask the bitter taste.

Usage Instructions
(1 sachet = 1gm of ECOSWEET) and (1 Sachet = 2 Teaspoons of Sugar)

Typically, most brands use a steviol glycoside called Rebaudioside (Reb A) which is 97% to 98% pure. Doing so is 2 times cheaper for other brands and also they are unable to remove the bitter taste completely. This bitter taste is then masked with other additives which may not be the healthiest option for consumers.

ECOSWEET has succeeded in developing a proprietary process to better purify Reb A (> 99.5% pure) from crude Stevia extracts. Reb A with > 99% purity is sweet and does not taste bitter. Even though it costs twice as much but at ECOSWEET we believe in only providing a superior quality product to you.

ECOSWEET differentiates itself by providing the highest quality products, manufactured using stringent processes that conform to
international standards.

What is Stevia?
Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant species, which has been used
for more than 1,500 years by the Guaraní peoples of South America, who called it "sweet herb". The leaves have been used
traditionally for hundreds of years in both Brazil and Paraguay to sweeten local teas and medicines, and as a "sweet treat". Of late,
Stevia has been promoted by most governments to reduce the ill effects of sugar.

The active compounds in Stevia are Steviol Glycosides (mainly Stevioside and Rebaudioside), which are up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, are heat-stable, pH-stable, and not fermentable. These Steviosides have a negligible impact on blood glucose levels, and this makes Stevia attractive to people on carbohydrate-controlled diets. Stevia's taste has a slower onset and longer duration than sugar, and some of its extracts may have a bitter or licorice-like aftertaste at high concentrations.


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