It was a must for Balance Up Oil to come out of a chemist kitchen.

Being a chemistry teacher myself, m always concern about chemicals around me. It's quite frustrating to read the ingredients in a food label... too many synthetic chemicals added into it. This what causes all the unwanted diseases you go through. 20 years back blood cancer was a deadly disease everyone dread of. But the type of that disease grew... manifested into many forms.

When my chemist spoke about Cekor, Jerangau and bonglai (forgotten Asian herbs), I knew I have to get my hands on them and spread their goodness to many as possible

Their scientific names are acorus calamus, kaempfiria galanga and zingiber cassumunar.
Feel free to google them, there are many journals on their medicinal values. When taken correctly, they can heal many diseases.

You can even use them in your daily cookings. That's why they are kitchen remedies.

Balance up oil is made of coconut oil (freshly extracted), jerangau, cekor and bonglai

Helps to balance up wind movement, indigestion and hormones in the body.

RM 65/125 ml bottle

Wait no more, balance up oil also helps to prevent cancer as it has anti oxidant properties.

Health is wealth, that health is found in food we eat!! Kitchen remedies rock


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